Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo Spray, 7 Oz

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Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing and Volumizing Dry Shampoo, 7 Oz

  • Takes hair from flat and greasy to effortlessly tousled 
  • Lightly scented with toasted coconut
  • Absorbs and eliminates excess oils 
  • Adds windswept beachy waves  
  • Great for teasing hair, extending a blowout or providing fresh volume 
  • Instant results - Get day one hair on day two (or three!) at freaky fast speed 
  • 7-ounce aerosol spray can 
  • No water required. No white residue. No time wasted.
  • Cruelty free and never tested on animals
  • For extra beachy effect, pair with Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray

What is dry shampoo? 
  • Dry shampoo is spray-able shampoo in powdered form, designed to freshen hair without soap or water. It revives limp hair and banishes greasy roots for fresh volume and cleaner hair. 

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Our Mission:

At Not Your Mother’s our mission is to create the highest quality, salon comparable hair care items at the most affordable prices. We strive to create products made just for you – products that will help you achieve the modern, stylish looks you crave – and provide outstanding customer service so you have the most relevant answers to your beauty needs. At Not Your Mother’s we want you to make it a rule: have a happy hair day!

*Our ingredients are considered naturally derived if they are unchanged from their natural state or have undergone processing (which may include the use of non-natural ingredients or processing agents), yet retain majority of their molecular structure from their original plant or mineral source. The remaining synthetic ingredients constitute 2% of the formula to help ensure its efficacy and shelf life.
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