How it Works for Travelers

Travel, Carry, Earn


Register as Traveler

Verified: Get paid (product price + carrying fee) upfront before traveling. Open to US residents & citizens only.

Unverified: Get paid (product price + carrying fee) in 3 days after making successful product delivery.


Post your Travel details

So buyers know when and where you’re headed.


Search for a buyer

Send request to the buyer whose product you want to carry or get contacted by one.


Wait for your Buyer to pay us

We will send you a confirmation email, once your buyer accepts the offer and makes payment.


Buy the product

From the link provided by your buyer and carry them.



When you need to pay tax/duty/sales tax, save your receipt and show it to your buyer when making delivery. They should reimburse you. If they do not, DO NOT deliver the product and let us know. We’ll open a case. Unsure about the tax rates? Shoot us an email.


Deliver the product

Fix a meetup spot or drop it off at our drop off location(Bangladesh only)


As a traveler, you incur no fee(s). Just carry and earn money!

Customs and Duties

You may need to pay local tax/duty when you carry the product, depending on the product and quantity. Please check with the country’s (where you are headed with the package) custom and duty website(s) and office(s) for fee(s)/taxes/duty and sales tax rates.

Still unsure about taxes and other rates? Shoot us an email, support@airposted.com & we will reply within 24 hours.

Safety and product Insurance

We do not have an insurance policy now. The product is not insured now, so please keep the product safe and take extra care so it does not break or get damaged. If product is broken or damaged, you will be responsible for the price and the carrying fee you would have received will be issued to your buyer*.
Got questions: support@airposted.com

*Airposted’s decision will be considered final in cases of claims made.


You will post your trip details: travel date and location on the Dashboard page. After uploading trip details, you can search for a buyer or wait to get contacted by one. Once you have found an item you want to carry, send a carry request to the buyer. Use our messaging feature to talk details, such as determine a meeting location. Once your buyer has accepted your request, parties have agreed on a deal, buyers pay for the item, you buy and deliver the item and get paid after making a successful delivery!

Airposted leaves determining a meeting location up to the buyer and traveler but strongly recommend choosing a busy public place such as a coffee shop or airport.

You get paid in your associated PayPal account once you have made successful delivery of the product. Travelers, don’t hesitate to remind your buyer to mark their item(s) as received. Once your buyer has marked the item you delivered as ‘delivered’, we will release the money into your PayPal account within 3 business days.

After you accept a request and your buyer pays for the item(s), the first thing you should do is purchase the item(s). You can sign up to be a VERIFIED Traveler to get pre-paid funding (only open to US residents and citizens and we will be conducting a background check to verify you which shall take 5-10 business days). If you do not sign up to be a VERIFIED Traveler you must use your own money to purchase the item. Don’t worry about not getting paid. Your buyer has already paid but we simply hold their money for security reasons. As soon as you deliver the product, we release the payment within 3-5 business days.

Once your buyer has already paid for the product and your carrying fee, they cannot. Buyers can cancel and delete any requests that haven't been already paid for.

A carrying fee is the amount of money a buyer pays a traveler for buying and delivering product(s) to them.

We take shipping distance, product price, weight, volume, density and a lot of other factors into consideration, to provide you the best shipping fee; a shipping fee that works for both you and the traveler.

If the product was damaged, broken, fake or replica, YES!* And we will charge you for the entire transaction. So NEVER buy fake or replicas and be sure to carry item(s) safely so they are not damaged.
*We are currently working to get a $500 insurance per traveler per trip in case of lost or damaged items.
*Airposted’s decision will be considered final in cases of claims made.