Order through Airposted Express Mail

Airposted Express Mail provides a custom shopping experience for international shoppers and is often a cheaper alternative to many traditional shipping services.

Why use Airposted Express Mail? Shoppers who cannot find a traveler on our platform. Shoppers who do not have friends or family in the US to buy and ship them products. We combine ship. Add multiple products from same or different stores to save on shipping. Pay ZERO(0) US Sales Tax. Tracking number provided. We wrap, pack and ship your products with great care. Shipping starts as low as $45. Delivery in 12-18 business days.

Order, Pay, Receive


Post your Buying details

Post the name and link of the product you’re looking for.


Get the lowest Shipping rates

Airposted will review your order and send you the lowest shipping rates to your email.


Pay us for the item

After receiving email confirmation with the shipping rates from Airposted you will need to make payment.
Please make payment as soon possible, for a; smooth, safe and easy shopping experience.


Get your tracking number

Once you have made payment, Airposted LLC will buy the product for you, pack it and ship it to your address using our Express Mail service. You will be provided a Tracking number within 3-5 business days for most products.


Get item delivered!

Receive your item and pay tax/duty if applicable to your local postman.


You will not need to pay any US State Sales Taxes.

Just pay Product price (as mentioned on the listing you provided and Shipping fee).

You may need to pay local tax/duty when you receive the product, depending on the product and quantity. Please check with the country’s (where you are receiving the package) custom and duty website(s) and office(s) for fee(s)/taxes/duty and sales tax rates.

Still unsure about taxes and other rates? Shoot us an email, support@airposted.com & we will reply within 24 hours.

Safety and product Insurance

Product is insured, up to $100 per package. This insurance is included in the shipping fee that you pay.
Got questions: Mail to support@airposted.com

*Airposted’s decision will be considered final in cases of claims made.


Packages can be shipped only from the US to any country in the world.

40 pounds.

22*22*21 inches including box dimensions.

PayPal and all major international debit and credit cards. If you don’t have an international debit/credit card, please pay using PayPal.

After Airposted has reviewed and sent you an email confirmation with the shipping rates.

You pay the shipping fee which includes Airposted’s fee.

Our exchange rate is simple and there are no hidden costs. We use the current exchange rate found in PayPal or the ones used by your bank (depending on how you pay). If you are using your debit/credit card please contact with your bank to know the exchange rate.

We want to ensure you receive the best product and don’t have any complaints. If the product was damaged, broken, fake or replica or did not meet your expectations, please contact Airposted support and we will try to do our best to fix the issue.*

*We are currently working to get a $500 insurance per traveler per trip in case of lost or damaged items.

*Airposted’s decision will be considered final in cases of claims made.