Meet Nora- the Apple lover

Online shopping has always been my fascination but as well as a reason to my headache. Because I’ve some serious trust issues with it. Most of the time I order something and get something completely different. Such as - replica products, discolored phone cases or dresses and many more, which in return has caused my experience over online shopping very stressful.

Then suddenly one fine day I came across this page ‘Airposted’ on my facebook suggestions. And looking at their overall concept I decided to shop from it. And here is what happened…

So, I’m personally an Apple product lover. No other electronic brands satisfy me as much as Apple does. I’ve been ordering my latest iPhones from Airposted since the last year. And trust me when I say that this has been the best international online shopping website I came across for buying gadgets. Because they offer electronic goods of high quality and in really cheap prices. They also maintain good communication & deliver parcels quickly. Not sure about the makeup & cosmetics though but I would love to give it a try. 

Moreover the best part about Airposted is that it’s just not helping shoppers in countries but also benefiting travelers by letting them earn some extra cash while traveling. I’ve registered myself both as a shopper and traveler. Can’t really wait for my next trip so that I can deliver a parcel and earn money while traveling. <3

Airposted has indeed made shipping simplified, as it says. Using Airposted is a pleasure. You should also give it a try!


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