Meet Maria- the fashionista

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough clothes while staring at your wardrobe trying to choose an outfit but eventually can’t because of the huge piles? That’s me every day trying to figure out what should I wear and end up ordering even more clothes online. It is very hard to follow the ever-changing fashion trends, especially in third world countries where most of the foreign e-commerce sites don’t deliver to. The shipping rates are too high, and if you order it through third parties you may end up paying double of the original price leaving you broke and without enough clothes!

A friend of mine came to the rescue, recommending me a site called Airposted which is an open platform that gives a shopper opportunity to shop around the world and get products delivered by a traveler heading their way. Travelers on the flip-side earns money carrying products – like a postman. Airposted is like Uber, but for international shipping! 

It’s been 3 months that I’m using their service and it is convenient and hassle free. Totally, doesn’t seem like I’m ordering products from the other end of the world! Their ordering system is user friendly and now I can get every latest products with just few clicks delivered at my doorstep! Shipping made simple and hassle free! 


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