Meet Anya – the travel fanatic!

I love traveling! Always in the go balancing studies, work and travel is Anya. A senior at George Mason University she travels overseas at least twice a year. She has traveled to more than 10 countries from Europe to Asia to Africa and looks to add two more to the tally in 2017.

I got to know about Airposted through a friend and thought of giving a try! Students are always looking for budget plan and if I could make some money while traveling (doing what I love so much) it could not get better, remarks Anya – who has been an Airposted Verified traveler since October 2016, a month after the service launched! Carrying items for someone I do not know was a little awkward idea to me in the beginning but I thought of giving a try. My experience could not be any better. I went to Istanbul, Turkey this month. Not only did I get paid for carrying the products, I also met some amazing new people who I now call friends. Thank you Airposted for having a social aspect to your site(messaging)!

I have signed up and chosen to be a verified traveler (a service that Airposted currently offers only for its US citizens/residents). As a verified traveler, I get paid when the buyer pays. I use the money to buy the product and carry it with me! Being a verified traveler is easy, just sent them a message on Fb/email them and they will take it from there!

Airposted has been a fabulous experience for me. As a budget traveler, I now can earn extra money while traveling and meet some amazing new people! This has been the perfect win-win for me, and for these people. I would recommend Airposted to all travelers who are on a budget! Just a word of advice, charge a reasonable carrying fee when you send offers and you will not be disappointed! Airposted has the potential to become a household name for both travelers and shoppers, as both sides benefit largely, Anya says!


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