Important Things You Need To Check Before Buying iPhone

iPhone is an amazing device that everyone wants one, but they aren't cheap, and they rarely go on sale. There are so many things that you have to consider when you are buying an iPhone.

1. Make Sure the Phone Isn't

Apple prevents stolen iPhones from being activated by new users with its Activation Lock tool. That is impossible to find out if an iPhone is stolen before buying. You need the phone's the IMEI or MEID (depending on carrier) number. If iPhone, that your purchasing has been stolen, the original user can be blocked the phone, rendering it useless. So, How can you recognize if the seller is offering you a stolen phone? You can check the IMEI of the iPhone.

The IMEI of any device is a unique identification number that is unique to one phone or device. It can find on the exterior of the iPhone or on the phone's display. If your phone was stolen, you can block the phone from gaining access to any cellular networks.

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Follow the statement:

a. Tap the Settings app.

b. Select General.

c. Tap About.

d. Scroll down and look next to IMEI (or MEID) for the number. It isusually a 15-digit number. 

e. When you got the number, then go to the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker website and enter the number into the field provided

f. Place a check next to I'm not a robot and click Submit.

g. The website returns with a green Not reported lost or stolen or a red notice that the phone has been reported as lost or stolen.

h. Using the IMEI number of a phone, you can also check whether the phone that you're trying to buy has been blacklisted or blocked. You should Check the IMEI to make sure that the phone you want to buy hasn't been stolen or reported as lost to the GSMA.

2. Activation Lock:

iPhones have an Activation Lock, which is a theft protection system that prevents people from using or wiping your iPhone. When buying a used iPhone, it’s necessary to make sure that Activation Lock is disabled. You will need to check this manually on the iPhone. When you set up your device, you should see a screen that says ‘Set up your iPhone’.

If not, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and begin the setup process.

If you’re asked for a previous owner’s Apple ID and password, it’s still linked to the account. Then, contact the seller immediately and ask them to erase and remove the device from their account from icloud.com.

3. Warranty:

Apple is known for its helpful customer service. There is an easy way to check if iPhone you’ve purchased is still under warranty. Go to Apple’s website and enter your device’s serial number to check if your iPhone is still under warranty and if you’re eligible to extend your Apple Care coverage. You can get easily it, from Settings > General > About on your iPhone or from the back of the device.

This page will show you if the phone is still covered within the warranty period and will verify the purchase date.

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4. Original receipt:

To make sure that you’re purchasing an original iPhone device, ask the seller to provide proof of purchase. Apple also provides an electronic receipt, so that will be sufficient as well. Having a valid receipt is important for reselling the iPhone, or extend the warranty.


5. Do Some Quality Control:

A. Buttons and touch screen:- Make sure that the home button works properly and all of the areas on the screen respond to your touch. Test it by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcodes > Fingerprints, and selecting “Add a Fingerprint”. Try to place your thumb on the home button a few times. If you can see any kind of feedback on the screen, Touch ID is working fine. 

B. Headphone jack:- Plug in headphones and make sure that you can hear good sound. 

C. Speakers:- Turn on the speakers without headphones & test the volume control. 

D. Speakers and Microphones:-There are two types of speakers on an iPhone, the main speaker is at the bottom of the phone, and the ear speaker used during calls.Test both of these using the “Voice Memos” app. Make a quick test by recording and hitting play, and hold the phone up to your ear. If all good, tap the speaker icon in the top right of the phone to play your recording out of the main speaker.


6. Cameras:

Open the camera app and take several pictures and video with both the rear-facing & the selfie cameras. If the picture & video quality seem to meet Apple’s standards, test out the rear-facing camera’s auto focus. Zoom on the something in the distance, and try tapping the screen in different areas. The lens should be automatically adjusted focus and brightness.


7. Inspect It For Water Damage:

All iPhones contain with a Liquid Contact the Indicators that will activate when they're exposed to a liquid that contains water. The Apple website shows that where these indicators are located. To check this, click on Settings, then navigate to General > About.

Scroll down to the IMEI to pull up the number that's saved on the phone. This will show you to know if the case has been changed, which could be an indicator that the phone has undergone more wear and tear than you might notice with the naked eye. If, you are buying your iPhone offline, do check if the water damage indicator has been tipped. If the indicator is red or pink, it means that the device has been water damaged. A white indicator means no water damage. If the indicator is red or pink, it means that the device has been water damaged.

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8. Check the Battery:

Users of iPhone's can't replace battery, you want to be sure that any used iPhone you buy has a strong battery. Check the health of the battery on iphones running iOS-12 and up using the Battery Health feature:

Tap the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health. 

The percentage is displayed in the Maximum Capacity section tells you good the battery is good. A perfect, brand-new battery on a brand-new phone would have 100% capacity, so the closer you are to that, the better. Apple installs new batteries in their iPhones.

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9. Connectivity:

A. WiFi:- Test for Wi-Fi connectivity. Go to the Settings > Wi-Fi, and take a look under “Choose a Network”. If networks are available, the Wi-Fi antenna is good. If only one or two come, or none at all, there might be a problem.

B. Bluetooth:-Test for the Bluetooth connectivity Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, and toggle it on if it wasn’t already. A few devices should be discoverable.

If any of these tests are failed, you should not purchase the iPhone. If the problem seems to be minor however, it could be a chance to barter for a lower price if you think it’s something you can live with. Use your best judgment.


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