How It Works !

Airposted is an open platform that allows shoppers to shop for goods from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to them by a traveler who is already heading that way, without the cost and hassle of international shipping.

Order anything from anywhere in the world and receive them at your doorstep.

Search any product or paste the product link you want – any web link from anywhere in the world. Now you choose the deals!
If product is not available through search, paste your product link from any US website for request. Check your mail in one hour (product will be added to your cart for checkout).
Place your order and pay for the product. Your money is safe and secure with Airposted money back product guarantee.
Receive your product from our store or get it delivered to your home by an Airposted courier.

Add your next trip and earn money by carrying products. Be an international courier.

Add your trip itinerary so buyers know where you are headed. We recommend you add a trip three weeks ahead.
Browse from thousands of orders and accept to carry the products that best fit you. All products have been paid for by the Shopper, so you can carry with confidence.
Let Airposted buy and ship to your address or you can purchase the products from the link your shopper provided. We keep your credit card details when we buy and ship the product to you and only charge your credit card if you have not successfully delivered your order within 1 week of your trip (arrival date).
Simply carry the product and drop it off at our store. With no cash handling, store-fronts to drop off the products and (24/7/365) customer support, earning money while traveling had never been any easier.
Pay tax or duty at the airport customs as required. Save receipts to get reimbursed at our store or by your shopper when making delivery.

Ship and send any product from any website or your documents to and from the US and Bangladesh (ship products and documents globally).

We accept documents and products from US-Bangladesh and Bangladesh-US.
Let us know when and how you want the product delivered to your receiver (receiver can pick the package from an Airposted store or Airposted agents can ship the product to the receiver’s address).
Airposted agents will help you wrap and pack the shipment in clear Airposted envelopes or boxes and offer you with the best shipping rates.
We’ll provide you with real time tracking number and notifications, all accessible with the Airposted App.

Choose any product from our huge selection, that you want to send as a gift to your loved one- from a Bangladeshi store to their address in Bangladesh.

Choose any product from our huge selection, that you want to send as a gift to your loved one- from a Bangladeshi store to their address in Bangladesh.
Pay for the product, tax, and shipping.
Your loved one in Bangladesh will receive the gift item same business day or when you schedule the gift to arrive - Guaranteed!

Why Us ?

  • Fast

    Receive your products in less than two weeks based on the Traveler’s itinerary.

  • Secure

    We make sure you get the product you ordered, 100% refunded if not.

  • Affordable

    Order products from anywhere and get them shipped at the most affordable shipping rates.

  • Carry and earn

    Carry products to the direction you are headed. Buy yourself or let Airposted buy and ship to you. You know what is inside & your carrying limit - Safe!

  • Tax and duty

    Travelers pay tax or duty at the airport customs as required. Save receipts to get reimbursed by your shopper when making delivery.

Airposted Store

  • 1. Shoppers pay and pick up your products.

  • 2. Travelers drop off products and collect your reward instantaneously.

  • 3. Meet a dedicated Airposted agent if you need help. We are always here to help.

  • 4. Send documents worldwide in Airposted envelopes and boxes – at the most affordable rates.

Our users love us!

Fast and user-friendly medium for shoppers to shop the best deals in the world and save on international shipping. Travelers meanwhile make money carrying products to the direction they were already heading.

Salman Shishir

I Traveled from Chicago to Bangladesh last month and earned 700$ for carrying two luggage full of products. I thank Airposted for giving me this amazing opportunity to earn money while traveling.

Shahriar Habib

Only place I trust to buy authentic iPhone! They provided original Apple warranty & receipt. Also got it delivered within promised time. Extremely satisfied. Highly Recommended! ❤️❤️❤️

Mita Somoyeeta

At the end of last month, I ordered some makeup kits from Canada through Airposted. Today I got the delivery. The service was very good. The traveler was very nice to me. And I got the original product with just some extra traveling cost! Thank you Airposted and I'd recommend others to try it.

Sadia Maleque

I ordered a product from Airposted. The people who are designated to handle the customers are very cordial. They made sure that the product was in good condition. Thank you.

Yousha Mohan

I have been using DHL's service for the last couple of months and was stunned to come across Airposted when I got to know how much more DHL has been charging me for the same service that Airposted helped me with for such a reasonable amount. Moreover, I got my desired products from an original Fossil store of United States. Nothing can be better than this. All the very best Airposted!


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